Mark's extensive and on-going work with advertising agencies has equipped him with the experience to interpret a wide range of creative briefs, producing dynamic storyboard images encapsulating mood, dimension, expression and light, within demanding deadlines.
Translated to commercials and movies, his concise grasp of sequential action, shot framing, camera angles and movement, along with his speed of drawing, contributes to an accurate and rapid turnaround in storyboard production.

His ability to render three dimensional action and scenarios for shot list storyboards in economical linework has proved invaluable to directors who wish to visualize and communicate shot lists rapidly and effectively.
His work is in consistent demand, from advertising agencies and film production houses to individual directors.

Based in Cape Town South Africa, Mark has storyboarded:

Crusoe E 1/2  (Dir. Duane Clark)
End Game (Dir. Pete Travis)
Free Willy 4 (Dir. Will Geiger)
Master Harold...and the Boys (Dir. Lonny Price)
Last House on the Left (Dir. Dennis Illiadis)
The Philanthropist E 2 (Dir. Ed Fraiman)
The Scopion King 2 (Dir. Russell Mulcahy)
The Three Investigators (Dir. Florian Baxmeyer)

and commercials directed by:
Joaquin Baca-Asay, Nicolas Fay, Simon Fellows, Greg Francois, Nikolai Fuglsig, Ian Gabriel, Adrian de sa Garces, Greg Gray, Jorn Haagen, Julia Jason, Joangil, Luca Maroni, Jake Nava, Bruce Paynter, Stethan Pearson, Gavin Pollack, Rob Pritts, Keith Rose, Toby Tremlett, Erik Van Wyk, Anton Visser, James Wahlberg, Clay Williams and Jason Xenopoulos.

Through the following South African production houses:

CAB Films, Collective Energy/The Film Hub, Egg Films, Film Afrka, Gatehouse Films, Made in Africa Films, McKenzie Rudolphe, Moonlighting Films, Spier Films, Stillking Films, The Big Picture, The Shooting Gallery.